What is the MLS?

The MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. It is the main tool used to effectively advertise homes. This tool is only available to 700,000+ members of the NAR (National Association of Realtors). All information is real time. This means that your agent has access to new homes as soon as they are entered into the system.

The MLS is the primary tool used by Realtors to find homes for their new buyers, and for most Realtors, it is the only tool they need to find the right home for them.

The MLS also provides the biggest marketing advantage in selling homes. This is a sure way to guarantee more exposure for your home.

How will the MLS help me sell my home?

Over 80% of buyers use a real estate agent when looking for a home and real estate agents use the MLS to locate homes.

How will the MLS help me purchase a home?

The MLS is the quickest way for agents to give their buyers up-to-date information on all of the homes sold by a Realtor. It allows the agent to search for a home based on the buyers needs and wants.

Who pays the buyer’s Realtor?

The seller does, at closing.

How soon does my listing go live on the MLS?

Your listing typically goes live on the MLS in less than 24 hours of receiving your completed information. Once your information is loaded within the MLS system, thousands of Realtors will instantly be able to view your home.

Will my listing look the same as other listings?

Yes, the format is standard for all MLS listings.

Will I receive a yard sign or a Realtor’s lockbox for showing my home?

Yes, we will provide you with a professional Blue Rose Realty sign and a lockbox unless otherwise noted.

How long will my property stay in the MLS?

Your listing will stay on the MLS for 6 months unnless you specify a shorter time period. You can also cancel at any time. Renewals if necessary are available at no cost.

Do I have to offer a commission to a Realtor that brings a buyer?

Yes, once your home is listed in the MLS, you will be obligated to pay a commission to the agent that brings the buyer.

May a buyer contact me directly after a Realtor shows my home to them?

Yes, but you will still be obligated to pay a selling commission to the Realtor that showed your home.

How can I make a change to my listing?

You can make as many changes to your listing as desired at not extra cost. Just contact your Blue Rose Realty agent.

What if my needs change and I want to terminate my listing?

You may terminate your listing at any time if you communicate your termination request with your Blue Rose Realty agent.

Are there any hidden fees that I don’t know about?

No, we identify all fees up front.

Why should I list with Blue Rose Realty?

In addition to providing protection against potential pitfalls when selling your home, listing with an agent provides:

-A higher sales price.

-A more competitively priced home. By providing the Comparative Market Analysis, you will be better informed when pricing your home.

-Nationwide exposure in the MLS and on Realtor.com to sell your home faster!

Additionally, serious home-buyers are generally working with an agent. Statistics show that you will generally sell your home faster and for more money when using a full service Realty company like Blue Rose Realty.

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